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What is a session like?

Personalized Sessions: I start with a short conversation to see how you're feeling today.
Holistic Techniques: I incorporate hands-on healing, mindfulness, chakra balancing, sound healing, and intuitive wisdom, all guided by intuitive insights.

The Space: We have soft sounds, ambient light, and a cozy table to lay on fully dressed under a blanket.

After the Session: You'll leave refreshed, armed with insights and a clearer path to well-being.

How often: Come as often as you need. I see people weekly, monthly, and yearly.  Want to know more detail? Click here and read more! 

Our Services


One Hour

Looking to de-stress, feel better, increase health? Enjoy one hour of energy work. Heather will intuitively create a session just for you and your needs combining energy work, sound, and mindfulness skills. 


30 Minutes

New to energy work or just need a quick boost? Heather will intuitively create a session for you with energy, sound, and or mindfulness. This session also allows time for questions


Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in expert level sound and energy. Heather and Karen have created the ultimate group experience with these ancient arts. $35 each person. Sign up as these spots fill fast!

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