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Reiki in the News!

Reiki studies are being done and seeing amazing results!

Please enjoy this listing of current studies and also other cool studies showing the power of energy movement in the body and in our world!

Here is a link to a medium sized study. It's important to note that any study done with Reiki that there is a control group involved. Participants are in a reiki group or a "sham reiki" group where they think they are getting reiki but they actually are not. 

Click here to read studies done by the NIH to show the affects of Reiki on participants.

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Reiki in Clinical Practice: A Science Based Guide by Ann Baldwin is a book written for doctors, nurses, and anyone working in the medical world who are looking for evidence based medicine studies backing up the use of Reiki. 

Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Post Materialism Video Interview of Dr. Natalie Dyer she is a research scientist who is currently doing studies! Enjoy this video about what she is up to and why she herself learned Reiki! 

Here is a fun article where they measured the energy coming off of a person before, during, and after energy work! They showed that the reiki therapist as well had an increase in overall energy that started at the top of their heads down to their hands.  "Measuring Reiki Healing: Real, Placebo, or real energy healing?" by Maria Kuman March 2017 Research Gate

Quantum Physics and the discoveries about particles smaller than electrons. Enjoy learning about neutrinos here!

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