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How to clear negative energy after conflict

Updated: May 9, 2023

We have all been there, you had to confront someone about something major or maybe you're just really upset about something that came up. Your heart beat is moving faster, your chest might even hurt, maybe your back is really tense or you're getting a headache. The truth is anger is great but it is very important to move it through your system and not stay there so the adrenaline can fizzle out.

I have some great ways you can clear the energy out of your body so that you can come back to calm. First know that this is not a stuck state, if you give it enough time the adrenaline will wear off all by itself. You can go for a run, call a friend, distract yourself, these will all help to change the focus of the brain's attention and signal that the conflict is over. What if this isn't working though?

This is where energy work comes into play. Find a comfy spot to sit and let's do a magic bubble trick. I want you to put the person you were in conflict with or who upset you 100 feet out in front of you (in your mind-- not literally) and then place a big huge magic bubble in between you. When you breathe OUT, whatever junk they said to you, thought about you, or sent your way breathe it out of your system and into the bubble, one chakra at a time starting with your crown chakra until each chakra is clear. When you breathe IN, I want you to pull the energy you sent their way out of their system and put it in the bubble. This doesn't let them off in anyway nor even forgive them. This simply clears your energetic ties so you can feel at peace. So breathe out, send their energy out of your system into the bubble, breathe in, pull your energy out of their system and into the bubble. Once all the chakras are clear, send the bubble up to the sun to burn up that energy however it may. Now let's bring pink healing light down over the person and wash their aura, now release them back to themselves. Next let's bring purple healing light down over your aura and a gentle wash through your system. You are complete. This takes about 10 minutes to do and I hope it helped you feel at peace. I do this with clients during Reiki to help clear any lingering energy that may be upsetting their systems and causing physical pain. It is awesome for anyone who's gone through a shocking experience as well.

One such fun story of a traumatic experience to my body that anyone can read is I was a dental hygienist before I was a Reiki therapist and we get to practice on each other, including injections. Well after a week at stab lab my jaw was so tight from being poked all over I could barely open my mouth, my whole neck, head, and shoulders were extremely tight and I was shaking from the adrenaline. God Bless my energy worker who saw me short notice. She did that clearing with me and as she transferred the energy out of my system, I was able to open my mouth normally and relax. I didn't have to visualize anyone on the other side but this technique works great even for medical procedures that feel traumatizing. Many medical procedures really effect our system, all the needles and sterile set ups. I know the system is trying to be as gentle as possible and considerate but it often hurts and our bodies have to process a lot of medications and pokes. It is not fun. I do medical reiki as well as traditional and I'm so happy to work with anyone needing to clear from IVF or surgeries or even dental work.

I see clients distance or locally and if you're interested, just go to the contact page for a reiki session or come see me at a Sound and Reiki Class or Equine and Reiki Class! We would absolutely love to meet you and host your healing time.

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