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The day God stepped into my marriage renovation

Updated: May 9, 2023

I was reminded of a story this week. It was spring, 2013, I was with my daughter at a local playground waiting for big brother to be ready to get picked up from 1st grade, she was happily running around and I was standing waiting for her to need a push on the swing. The playground was busy and many moms and kids were there.

This woman came up to me, I had never met her, she said, "God told me to come over and give you a message, I know this sounds weird but it is important", I smiled, I grew up in an evangelist family, this behavior was not new to me, but I was curious and said "sure, go ahead, what's the message."

She said, "you're about to make a huge mistake, don't do it, whatever it is, do not do it".

I was not expecting that. It shocked me to my core. I reached down into my jeans pocket and pulled out a divorce attorney card, it was almost 4pm and at 5pm I was going to make the call to start filing for divorce, I had everything in place and was done, marriage counseling was not going great, it had been 9 months since I started personal therapy, 3 months since we'd done marriage therapy, and I saw no light at the end of that tunnel, it was getting worse and I was out. I looked at her and laughed, you've got to be kidding me. I was raised Christian and knew God did some pretty awesome things now and then, but this one stunned me, pissed me off a little because I did not come to this decision lightly, and I laughingly showed her the card. She hugged my arm and said, "that makes sense, my husband and I went through that, I am going to tell you a story".

She told me about their journey and it was full of ups and downs but he changed, they grew, they struggled and they made it through. They now had a great marriage and were each other's best friends. She prayed with me on the playground while our preschoolers were running around. That act of faith on her part changed our future. I found hope that day and a month later another miracle happened and we made huge changes. It has been 9 years since that time. How differently the past decade could have gone.

Reiki was a part of that journey, it helped my heart heal, it helped me release the stress as I walked through that hell and it helped him as well. We both were able to step out of the intense fight and flight that you fall into walking through marriage renovation (let's face it, it's like a total house reno, the kind you tear down to the studs and start over, new plumbing, new electrical, everything is new except the foundation and maybe that needs to be fixed too, at the end you can look at the before and after in total awe and amazement. It's a lot of work but with the right contractor, you can upgrade to a beautiful home full of love.)

If you are walking through life renovations like marriage therapy ie marriage renovations, Reiki can give you that space to breathe, like take a full complete breath. I'm accepting new clients. I'd love to see you. Namaste friend. #marriedlife #marriagereno #marriagegoals #energyhealing #holyfirereiki #brightonmichigan #brightonlighthouse #momlife #dadlife #DadsMatter #momsupportingmoms #momstruggles #Godisgood #christianreiki

* Side note, not everyone is meant to stay together, that decision is yours, this was my walk and it was the right thing for me. I have friends who made different choices and fully support them. Only you know your situation and what you can handle. Reiki is a great support for all types of life renovations. I wish you all well in spirit, mind, and body.

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