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The majestic Barred Owl who came to say hello...isn't she lovely?

A few days ago my husband woke me up early to come to the window. Outside I saw this beautiful Barred Owl sitting just outside. I initially took some photos with my phone and after seeing she was not moving much I went and grabbed my nice camera and lens, opened up the window and shot a few images. She did not flinch at the noise and just turned her head to acknowledge me so I decided to go out onto the deck and get a little closer. I was able to get within 10 feet of her and use my zoom lens. I stood there and talked to her, asked about her morning and how she was feeling. She looked over at me, assessed me quietly and just listened. I'm assuming it is a she because the females are much larger than the males and she was big. Her energy was so incredibly calm. She was not nervous in the least! We live near a nature preserve and a lot of woods. We see Vultures, Eagles, Hawks, Woodpeckers, Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, walking animals of many sorts, even Wild Turkeys and Sand Cranes. All of them are extremely suspicious of humans, as they should be. Lord have mercy the chipmunks and Chickadees are the lower friends on the circle of life food order and they jump at every tiny noise. The only animals that will let you come near are turtles and baby deer. She was not a young owl though, nor was she domesticated. She just knew her strength. She knew I was not a threat, nor were the other animals running around or the 10 or so little birds squawking away at her to go away, one got super close and almost sat on her, she just sat there, owning that space. She was majestic! Her energy was so powerful I held back tears. One day I hope to be that all knowing in my own power but mostly I feel a little insecure still. When does that power kick in? I feel more confident now that I'm older but I still find myself feeling small or silly now and then. May we all inhabit this power of the Barred Owl, and notice, I forgot to mention, she's even missing an eye! She still flies with absolute grace through all the trees. It was a sight to behold. Have a week friends, an amazing week, full of power and grace. Know that you and I have this same courage and power in us. Every day. She is clearly the king of this jungle! Namaste friends.

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