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Why get Reiki when I can just get prayed over at church?

Hey friends, this is a great question! My answer to this is it depends on what you're looking for. Reiki is great when you need more personalized attention and privacy. Not everyone wants to go up to the alter at church, that can be embarrassing. Also Reiki therapists are trained and certified in how to help people heal. Prayer teams at church are not all trained the same. The church may not even have a prayer team. I have visited churches that I had no idea where to get prayed for or I had to wait for once a month for a prayer night and then wait in line. I went through a period of chronic issues that western medicine was not helping and tried to get healings in multiple churches, traveling healers, etc. I was finally healed with the support of Reiki. I have clients that are going through similar life challenges that lead them to need weekly support. Reiki does that, we are there for people weekly, monthly, whatever they need. We listen, pray, and cheer you on your way.

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