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Common Questions

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Yes, Reiki is a great complimentary therapy to ease anxiety, decrease depression, lower physical pain, increase healing, and bring a sense of peace. People come once a week, once a month, or as often as needed to help manage both emotional and physical pain and stress.

Is Reiki like massage?

Reiki is not like a massage. With Reiki you keep all your clothes on and even lie under a sheet or blanket. The Reiki therapist does no muscle manipulation, only very light touch or no touch. People experience a sense of deep well being during the treatment and even fall asleep at times.

Is Reiki Safe for Christians?

Reiki is a method of hands on healing, it is not tied to any religion. I personally will pray to Jesus Christ to assist in the healings and utilize the Holy Spirit based on Christian beliefs. If you have any questions I love teaching Christians about Reiki. It was life changing for me and helped me heal from long term chronic pain. There are confusions about what Reiki is and is not. I offer free calls and even meet up with people who want to talk about Reiki.  I teach Reiki to Christians and non Christians alike! 

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