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Easter Vigil: Walking with The Divine

This weekend, I had the profound privilege of experiencing the Easter Vigil, a moment that marked the culmination of my journey into the Catholic faith. It was a journey filled with introspection, learning, and a deepening of my spiritual understanding. But, as I stood there, amidst the flickering candles and the solemn chants, I realized that my journey was not just about embracing Catholicism; it was about integrating my faith with my calling to heal others. I've devoted myself to learning all I can about spiritual healing. I've read so many books I can't begin to list them all, I've also taken many spiritual healing classes from many denominations and done full training programs. I've been doing Christian hands on healing for over 20 years and have heard the voice of God intimately for decades. In this walk I learned about Reiki Ryoho. I have also learned about Holy Fire Reiki and Medical Reiki. I've learned about different Christian approaches to healing from the Vineyard, Open Bible, Evangelical, and Roman Catholic. I feel like God has sat me down and said look this is how I speak to my people across the world.

I've come to see that at the heart of all is a profound belief in the power of the unseen, the presence of a higher energy that moves through us and the world around us. Catholicism, with its deep emphasis on the mystery of faith and the work of the Holy Spirit, provides a spiritual framework within which I understand my work. It's about channeling the love and healing that flows from God, using my hands as a conduit for It's grace.

In my hands-on healing sessions, I draw upon training from various modalities, but I use Reiki as a template, the template into which I invite the Holy Spirit. This integration is not about altering the essence of Reiki or the teachings of the Catholic Church; instead, it's about recognizing that at their core, both seek to bring about healing, peace, and a deeper connection with the divine.

As I continue my practice, I do so with a heart open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, trusting in the journey the Divine has laid out for me. This Easter Vigil was a significant milestone, not just in my religious faith but in my commitment to serving others through the healing arts. It reinforced my belief that faith and healing are not exclusive but are, in fact, deeply interconnected.

This integration of Catholicism in my practice is a testament to the expansive nature of faith, a reminder that God's love and healing are boundless. As I move forward, I do so with the conviction that my work is a reflection of this divine love, a channel through which healing can flow, bringing peace and well-being to those I serve.

My journey has taught me that being a Catholic and a Reiki practitioner is not only possible but profoundly enriching. It has allowed me to approach my faith and my calling with a holistic view, one that embraces the complexities of the human spirit and the myriad ways God's grace manifests in our lives.

As we move beyond the Easter Vigil, I carry with me the light of Christ, a light that illuminates my path as a healer and as a follower of Christ. In every session, in every moment of healing, I am reminded of the power of faith, the importance of compassion, and the limitless possibilities of God's love.

In this journey, I've found not just a faith to believe in but a calling to live out, blending the ancient wisdom of Reiki with the profound truths of Catholicism. It's a path that I walk with joy, gratitude, and an ever-deepening sense of purpose.

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